World Heritage site Dessau

Bauhaus Dessau | © Shutterstock

Experience the spirit of Bauhaus in Dessau

The years between 1925 and 1932 marked the peak of Bauhaus architecture in Dessau. Until today, the Bauhaus style with its structural shapes and 20th century industrial design characterises Dessau's cityscape. The city is a stronghold of Bauhaus buildings. Its modern flair attracts art and architecture lovers even 100 years after its peak phase. Get inspired by the fundamental Bauhaus concept, based on a successful coexistence in a fast-paced and everchanging world. The Bauhaus architecture was the key concept of European modernity. Dessau stands out with its architectural qualities. The common and interdisciplinary ideas of "New Building" inspire and fascinate its visitors. The architectural significance and radical new apporaches have a unique effect on everyone.

Bauhaus City Dessau and its influence on art, design and architecture

Everyone who visits the birthplace of the vanguards of Classical Modernism is bound to explore the Bauhaus Building, the Master's Houses, the Dessau-Törten Housing Estate and other buildings like the Fieger House, the Steel House or the historic Employment Office. All Bauhaus buildings unite the principles of funcitonalism with the aproach to combine work and private life under one roof, using materials like glass and reinforced concrete. This style still significantly influences modern architecture. Come and see for yourself!